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Clonazepam Solution 10 ml

Clonazepam solution 2.5 mg (ml) is a benzodiazepine class tranquilizer. The drug is intended for the treatment of panic disorders and seizures. The drug is taken orally.

How does the drug work?

The main effects of Clonazepam 2.5 mg (drops): sedative, anxiolytic, muscle relaxant, anticonvulsant. 

The drug also increases the inhibitory effect on the transmission of nerve impulses. The excitability of subcortical structures of the brain is reduced. There is inhibition of postsynaptic spinal reflexes.

The anticonvulsant effect is due to the enhancement of presynaptic inhibition. Epileptogenic activity is suppressed, but the focus remains in the excited state.

By affecting the reticular formation of the brain stem, a sedative effect is caused. As a result, fear, anxiety, and other neurotic signs disappear.

An anxiolytic effect occurs through the effect of Clonazepam for sleep on the amygdala complex of the limbic system. As a result, anxiety and emotional tension disappear, and the feeling of anxiety becomes weaker.

How should the drug be taken?

Clonazepam solution 2.5 mg (ml) is prescribed for panic disorder; alcohol withdrawal syndrome; psychomotor agitation; sleep disorders (in particular against the background of organic brain damage); muscle hypertonicity; dreaming; secondary generalized tonic-clonic convulsions; partial seizures (simple and complex); West syndrome; atonic seizures; nodding convulsions; Lennox-Gastaud syndrome; epilepsy.

Contraindications of the Clonazepam

Clonazepam 2.5 mg (drops) is not prescribed in the presence of an allergic reaction and severe depressive disorder? because the patient may have suicidal thoughts.

Other contraindications for taking Kriadex 2.5 mg (another name of Clonazepam):

  • Acute poisoning with alcohol, narcotic painkillers, or sleeping pills

  • Attacks of closed-angle glaucoma (also not prescribed for those with a predisposition to this disorder)

  • Myasthenia gravis

  • Respiratory system diseases

How to take the drug?

The initial daily dosage of Clonazepam solution 2.5 mg (ml) for adults is 1 mg/24 hours. If necessary, a maintenance dose (4-8 g/24 h) is prescribed.

The starting dose for children is 250 mcg/24 h. The starting dose for elderly patients is 500 mcg/24 h. 

When taking Clonazepam for sleep (as well as for the elimination of symptoms of the listed diseases), it’s recommended to divide the daily dosage into 3-4 parts. 

A maintenance dosage can only be prescribed after 20-30 days from the start of therapy. You can always buy Clonazepam online on our website, just upload your prescription through the online form or send it by email.
You can also order Clonazepam (Mexico) without a prescription if for some reason you do not have one. Our pharmacist will help with ordering the prescription medication. The price of Clonazepam includes an approved prescription from our in-house specialist.

What are the side effects?

Clonazepam solution 2.5 mg (ml) may provoke an allergic reaction: patients complain of skin itching. Sometimes urticaria appears, symptoms of which disappear after about 15-20 minutes. Severe reactions such as Quincke's edema are extremely rare.

Children and older patients may complain of increased palpitations. Elderly patients experience a throbbing sensation in the temples, and children have vague headaches.

Some complain of abnormal stools. Some patients have a decreased appetite. Nausea is possible - this symptom is observed against the background of impaired stool, in rare cases vomiting opens. Adults sometimes have a severe dry mouth. Salivation is observed in young children.
Some patients have symptoms of CNS disorders. Most often it is blunted reactions and drowsiness. Adults complain about stupor. More rarely, confusion is observed.

If the drug is taken in high dosage (especially with prolonged therapy), articulation disorders are observed. Acute states of agitation and other paradoxical reactions may occur in adults. 

In case of prolonged therapy in some forms of epilepsy, there is a high probability of increased frequency of seizures.

Additional Information

With long-term therapy, drug dependence develops. Against the background of abrupt withdrawal, there is a probability of the appearance of withdrawal symptoms.

When treating children with Clonazepam 2.5 mg (drops) for a long time: there is a negative effect on the mental and physical development of the child. And the symptomatology may not appear for a long time.
When taking the drug a slowing down of psychomotor reactions is observed. Persons engaged in activities that require quick reaction and concentration should take this into account and take the necessary measures in a timely manner.

Kriadex Clonazepam Drops 10 ml
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Kriadex Clonazepam Drops 10 ml
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