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Generics is a great alternative to high-cost medical products. They provide the same effect and improve patients’ health outcomes as expensive drugs presented on the market. One of the most efficient generics for acne and rosacea treatment is Accutane Neotrex.

There are two pharmaceutical forms (dosage forms) to take into consideration. Some dermatologists prescribe Accutane Neotrex 10 mg for a treatment course against mild forms of skin conditions. Others intake this generic of the miscellaneous antineoplastics drug class in the Isotretinoin dosage form of 20 mg. 

In both cases of treatment tablets (oral capsules) are used. Accutane Neotrex 20 mg is prescribed to patients with severe forms of skin conditions including acne and rosacea.

Accutane Neotrex Isotretinoin 20 Mg

The main active agent of the Accutane generic is the chemical composition of vitamin A. The Neotrex pills with 20 mg Isotretinoin dosage contain the increased amount of the anti-acne pharmaceutical ingredient to treat skin conditions faster and milder than the antibiotics. The average course recommended for patients is 30 days. The blister with Accutane generic pills contain 30 tablets that are enough for one treatment regimen.

Accutane Neotrex also can be presented on the pharma market under other brand names like:

  • Amnesteem;


  • Absorica.

The average administration method for Accutane Neotrex 20 mg is 0.2-0.5 mg/kg every day. For example, a patient with a weight of 85 kg should intake 1-1.5 pills every day. It is worth noting that the best variant of the generic use is at mealtimes. This way the active agent is absorbed faster and brings more anti-acne effects.

It is recommended to follow the healthcare specialist’s treatment regimen and not to overdose on this anti-acne medication. In case of overdosing, the patient can face hypervitaminosis A and intense side effects like skin dryness, headaches, nosebleeds, etc.

Accutane Neotrex Isotretinoin 10 Mg

This pharma form of the Accutane generic is notable for its moderate concentration of the active agent Isotretinoin. Each pill contains 10 mg of the main pharmaceutical ingredient. The mild form of acne can be treated with this generic for 1-2 courses. Dermatologists also recommend Accutane for rosacea treatment.

The dosage depends on the weight of the patient and the run of the skin condition:

  1. The most average method of Accutane administration is 0.2 mg/kg per day. It means that the patient who weighs 70 kg should intake 1-1,5 pills daily.

  2. For severe forms of cystic or conglobate acne, the healthcare specialist can prescribe 2 oral capsules for intake on a daily basis. This way the dosage of Isotretinoin increases up to 0.5 mg/kg daily.

  3. The derma doctor can change the dosage schedule if Accutane Neotrex 10 mg is not enough for the patient’s skin condition. The healthcare specialist can switch to the administration of Isotretinoin 20 mg for better effect.

The treatment course can last for 4-6 weeks with the obligatory break before the next Accutane-based therapy. As the generic performs the accumulative effect, the dermatologist will be able to estimate the efficiency of the first anti-acne cycle after 30 days of regular use. 

The rest period can take from several weeks up to 2 months. The higher the risk of scarring is, the shorter the break between Accutane treatment courses is required. A blood test is required for monitoring of the vitamin, cholesterol, and glucose levels. Sometimes patients need to prolong the rest period to avoid risks for heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, etc.

Accutane Neotrex to Buy in Pharmacies

This generic is available in the US and Mexican pharmacies to purchase locally and online. The average Accutane cost is $150 for the Isotretinoin 10 mg dosage and $250 for one tablet blister (30 capsules or pills) with 20 mg of the main vitamin A-driven chemical agent. The most attractive prices for the anti-acne generic are presented in our store.

The patients are welcomed to order Accutane Neotrex Isotretinoin 10 mg and Accutane Neotrex Isotretinoin 20 mg at a cost that is lower than on other pharma websites. Check the coupons and discounts not to miss the profitable deal arranged by our online pharmacy.

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Accutane Neotrex Isotretinoin
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