Lyrica Pregabalin

Lyrica (Pregabalin)

This generic is sold under different brand names. Among them are Lyrica, Lyrica CR, Pregabalin, Lyrica Pregabalin. This drug is prescribed to patients with diabetic nerve pain, seizures, fibromyalgia, etc. This is the analog medication to pills and suspension with gamma-aminobutyric acids as the main active agents.

It is worth noting that Lyrica is FDA-approved. Not only adults can treat nerve pain and seizures of different nature. It is possible to use Lyrica (Pregabalin) for children’s treatment. Attention! Kids should be at least 1-month old. 

Treatment of newborns (0-29 days old) has not been researched yet in the context of side effects. The same story is about Lyrica and pregnancy. It is not recommended to use this anti-epileptic drug.  

What Is the Generic Alternative for Lyrica?

FDA-approved alternatives are Gabapentin and Cymbalta. But they are even more expensive than Lyrica. The benefit of Gabapentin is its safety for pregnant women. Nevertheless, Lyrica 150 mg price and its costs with 100 mg, 300 mg, and 75 mg are rather affordable on the Mexican pharmacy websites.

Lyrica Pharmaceutical Form and Use

The average pharmaceutical form of the Lyrica generic is oral. You can buy Pregabalin to treat nerve pains and seizures with the help of capsules or suspension. It is worth noting that both tablets and liquid pharma form of the generic do not contain any smell and taste. The average package of Lyrica contains 28 tabs.

The most common content of active agents in the medication (Pregabalin gamma-aminobutyric acids) are:

  • 75 mg;
  • 150 mg;
  • 300 mg.

Speaking about suspension, it is possible to find Lyrica 25 mg and 50 mg. The liquid pharmaceutical form is recommended for the treatment of small children. Kids aged 1 month and older can use this generic with the lowest content of the active agent to avoid overdosing and side effects.

Note that capsules should not be chewed. It is better to swallow the tablet and wash down Lyrica with enough water. Do not neglect your healthcare specialist’s recommendations. Follow the dosage plan specified by the doctor:

  • Take 1-2 pills a day of the Lyrica generic during 12-20 days to reduce nerve pain-driven sensations.

  • Take 1-2 pills of this medication daily to reduce or even absolutely cope with the seizures. The treatment course can last up to 5-6 months.

  • Take 1 pill at bedtime to reduce anxiety, do away with insomnia, migraines, and back pain. This dosage plan is prescribed to patients with moderate chronic painful sensations.

Note that severity of the illness matters when it comes to the Lyrica generic use. Some patients with difficult medical cases and high tolerance to active agents of the drug can count on more intensive courses with Pregabalin 150 mg or 300 mg. 

Lyrica Dosage for Sleep

If you have chronic insomnia, it is better to buy Lyrica and take medication for 5-10 days (at bedtime). This way, the accumulative effect is achieved. The patient is able to relax and sleep tight. After the break time (about 10-14 days), the medication therapy can be repeated but with decreased intensity. 

Lyrica for Back Pain

If the pain is severe, the daily use can take place 2-3 times. The optimal interval between intakes is 8-12 hours. During this period, the generic block nerve pains successfully. Do not forget to drink enough water for better absorption of the medication.

Lyrica for Migraines

The dosage plan and use of Lyrica are similar to the previous case (backaches). If you have migraines, be ready to take the drug several times a day. Some moderate headaches can be treated with one pill at bedtime. Consult with your doctor if migraines become more intensive.

Lyrica Half-Life

This medication obtains a rather long half-life. If you are asked about how long Lyrica stays in your system, the answer is about 6-7 hours. That is why the optimal interval between doses when it comes to severe nerve pains is 8-9 hours. 

Note that it is dangerous to stop taking this drug spontaneously. Attention! Never quit using Lyrica suddenly. You should cut down your dosing gradually. Ask your healthcare specialist about instructions to withdraw the medication with no side symptoms.

Lyrica Withdrawal Symptoms

If you suddenly stop using this generic, you can face real withdrawal syndromes (dry mouth, depression, fever, aches, uncontrolled aggression, etc.). It is very dangerous for your health when it comes to shallow or weak breathing. Other organisms’ reactions caused by the sudden rejection of the drug are similar to overdosing symptoms and side effects.

Lyrica Side Effects

Some patients refuse to buy Lyrica online or in the local pharmacies because of side effects. But it is worth noting that most unpleasant symptoms take place if the dosage plan is improper for this or other cases. Additionally, intolerance to the active and inactive agents can matter and cause allergic reactions.

This way, patients can complain of weight gain, swelling hands, decreased libido, and other issues. Among the most common side effects that will come to an end in 5-6 days of the course (when the organism got used to the active agents of the drug) are:

  • Blue-colored lips and toes;
  • Vision problems;
  • Confusion and weakness;
  • Muscle pain;
  • Trouble concentrating.

Patients also can feel swelling feet, dizziness, and blurred vision.

Lyrica Overdose Symptoms

They are similar to side effects but usually - more severe and accompanied by fever and troubled breathing. Use the drug according to your dosage plan to avoid unpleasant overdose symptoms and hormonal misfunctions.

Does Lyrica Cause Weight Gain?

Yes, it might happen if the patient does not follow the dosage plan or obtains poor hormonal background. Consult your doctor to avoid the problem of weight gain.

Lyrica Side Effects Sexually

At the beginning of the course, you can mention that your libido decreases. Do not worry, your sexual health will recover while the organism gets used to the Pregabalin active agent. Buy Lyrica 300 mg online or in the local pharmacies only in case of severe nerve pains. For moderate cases, use 100 mg, 150 mg drugs.

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