This sedative generic is available on the market under different brand names including Fenabbott, Phenobal, Phenobarbitone, etc. The medicine is used to treat painful sensations, fever, and headaches. Additionally, Phenobarbital provides an anticonvulsant effect, so can be prescribed to patients with insomnia, epileptics, hypnotics, sedation, etc.

Phenobarbital Pharmaceutical Form

These are oral pills where the main active agent is barbituric acid. Usually, one package contains 40 tablets. Phenobarbital 100 mg pills with other content of active agent (15 mg, 30 mg) look like white and round tabs without smell and taste. Additionally, it is possible to find Phenobarbital in liquid form, the so-called elixir. Inactive agents presented in the generic are:

  • Corn starch;
  • Lactose;
  • Magnesium;
  • Sodium, etc.

Note that in most cases patients are tolerant to the components of this medicine. Nevertheless, Phenobarbital pills should be used according to the dosage plan to avoid side effects and addiction to the anticonvulsant agents.

Phenobarbital Dosage & Use

As the medicine can be used as a sedative or anticonvulsant treatment course, it is necessary to pick sides with the appropriate dosage plan with your doctor. Let’s take a closer look at the average ways of Phenobarbital use:

  • A pediatric dosage plan usually relates to the preoperative intake of this medicine. Phenobarbital is prescribed to adult patients to prepare them for surgeries, to block painful sensation, etc. The average dose is 1-3 mg for 1 kg of weight. For example, if the patient weighs 60 kg, the daily dosage of Phenobarbital is from 60 mg up to 180 mg (1/2 x 100 mg pill, 2 x 30 mg pills, etc.). Everything depends on the content of the active agent (from ½ up to 1-2 pills a day). 
  • A sedative dosage plan includes 2-3 daytime doses. Depending on the patient’s weight, it can be from 30 up to 120 mg of Phenobarbital active agent a day. It is better to use the medicine with enough water after meals.
  • A hypnotic dosage plan is usually about a single medicine intake. The patient should use from 100 up to 350 mg of Phenobarbital before going to bed. This is the bedtime hypnotic medication that treats insomnia and anxiety.
  • Anticonvulsant dosage plan is about drug intake 2-3 times a day. The main aspect of the efficient treatment is the regular use of Phenobarbital. The patient usually is prescribed about 50-100 mg of medication every 2-3 times daily. Note that anticonvulsant and hypnotic dosage plans do not depend on the weight of the person.

Speaking about the peculiarities of Phenobarbital use, the only administration is oral for this generic. Among the key factors, that matter for the dosage plan indirectly are the patient’s age, and the severity of the disease to be treated.

Phenobarbital Half-Life

This drug obtains rather long half-life terms. That is why most doctors prescribe single daily dosing for patients with convulsing issues and preoperational indications. Additionally, it is recommended to use Phenobarbital one time every day at bedtime for improved sedation achieved due to the long half-life of the medication.

Phenobarbital and Alcohol

Attention! This medication excludes drinking alcohol during the course. The risk of side effects increases. Additionally, this is the doubled load over the cardiovascular system of the patient. Some healthcare specialists say that using alcohol with Phenobarbital brings the same effect as overdosing with this drug.

Phenobarbital Overdose

If the patient does not follow the dosage plan and takes more pills than prescribed, most possible side effects escalate and become dangerous for human health. Nervous and respiratory systems are at risk. The patient can face:

  • Confusion;
  • Depression;
  • Nightmares;
  • Insomnia;
  • Apnea, etc.

Speaking about cardiovascular and digestive systems, syncope, nausea, vomiting, and other side effects take place in the case of Phenobarbital overdose. 

How Long Does Phenobarbital Stay in Your System?

About 4-5 half-lives are required to eliminate the drug from the human system. The active agent of the generic can be seen in the urine even 2 weeks after the last dose. Be ready that your blood test can show barbiturate acids.

Where to Buy Phenobarbital?

You can find this drug in the Internet pharma stores and local pharmacies. Buying Phenobarbital online is more profitable if the seller guarantees discounts and special offers for bulk orders. For example, Mexican pharma stores can become trusted providers of medical supplies at affordable prices.

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