Ritalin LA Methylphenidate 30 mg 30 Tabs



Ritalin LA Methylphenidate 30 mg 30 Tabs

Ritalin is a psychostimulant of the non-amphetamine type. The drug belongs to the group of norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitors.

How does Ritalin work?

Ritalin (generic) has a stimulating effect on the human body. The effect of taking it is similar to that of other stimulants. After some time after using the drug, there is a "feeling of flying". Concentration increases, the person becomes active and talkative. Increased concentration on details is observed.
When the effects of the drug wear off, the person may feel tired. When taking high doses, perception may also decrease and anxiety may develop. In some cases, sleep disturbances may be observed. Therefore, it is especially important to know the exact dosages and not to break the rules of taking the medication, so that these symptoms do not occur.

What Ritalin treats?

Ritalin is prescribed for attention deficit disorder, narcolepsy, and hyperactivity disorder. Sometimes it is prescribed for depression.

Attention deficit disorder is a neurological behavioral disorder. A person suffering from this pathology is very inattentive: it is difficult for him to concentrate on details. His attention is quickly scattered, and sometimes it seems that he does not listen to the person he is talking to at all.

A person is unable to obey certain rules, follow conditions and algorithms. Against this background, the performance of a simple task becomes difficult. When trying to engage in the process of performing the task, the person actively resists.

People diagnosed with ADD often lose things, are easily distracted by extraneous stimuli, and often "hover in the clouds." They are unpunctual and suffer from everyday forgetfulness. Tasks are given to him by other family members often go unfulfilled.

Narcolepsy is also a neurological disorder. The disorder is characterized by sleep disturbance, which is manifested by uncontrollable bouts of daytime sleepiness. The disease is usually diagnosed in adolescents and young adults under the age of thirty.

The following symptoms are characteristic of narcolepsy:

  • Sleep paralysis. This is a condition between sleep and wakefulness. The pathology is characterized by the inability to move: it seems to the person that someone is sitting on him. He may also "hear" or "see" something frightening.
  • Catalepsy - a specific change in muscle tone up to a state of immobility
  • Disturbance of nighttime sleep. The person has difficulty falling asleep at night and often wakes up
  • Sudden falling asleep

Hyperactivity is a neurological disorder characterized by impulsiveness, abruptness, inattention, and vivid motor activity.

The onset is observed in preschool age - and usually in boys. Such children cannot be called aggressive - on the contrary, most of them are kind and sociable.

The main feature of a hyperactive child is the inability to sit still. He is constantly fidgeting, making a lot of unnecessary movements. He eagerly takes on a task, but quickly loses interest in it. In practice, this can be seen in incomplete words and even letters, drawings, etc.

What does Ritalin feel like?

By its action Ritalin (generic) most of all resembles an amphetamine. But the stimulating effect of the drug is not as strong. It also has a less pronounced effect on the peripheral adrenergic systems. Unlike amphetamine, Ritalin does not provoke an increase in blood pressure. 

Ritalin is prescribed strictly as directed by your doctor. The dosage should not be exceeded without consulting a specialist. The drug causes side effects. In case of any cardiac pathologies against the background of uncontrolled use of Ritalin, death is possible. 

How long does Ritalin stay in your system?

There are two types of Ritalin: multiple release and prolonged release.

- The concentration of the active ingredient Ritalin pill in the blood reaches its highest point 120 minutes after ingestion. The duration of the half-life varies from 60 to 180 minutes. 

- The average duration of Ritalin prolonged action is 8 hours. The average half-life lasts from 2.5 to 3.5 hours.

Ritalin. Dosage

The drug is taken orally. The dosage regimen for Ritalin is as follows:

  • Children from six years of age who suffer from attention deficit disorder or hyperactivity disorder are prescribed an initial dosage. It is calculated according to the child's weight: 300 mcg/1 kg. The average daily dose varies from 2.5 to 5 mg. The drug is taken 2 times/24 hours, in the morning, before meals. If there is a need to exceed the dosage, the required interval is 7 days. The dosage is increased by 5 to 10 g (100 mcg/1kg) over 24 hours. The maximum dosage is 60 mg/24 hours. The maintenance dose varies from 0.5 to 1 mg/1 kg/24 h.

  • The optimal dosage for adults suffering from narcolepsy is 10 mg. It is recommended to take the drug 2-3 times/24 hours before meals. The maximum dosage is 6 mg/24 hours.

Ritalin. Overdose

An overdose of Ritalin occurs even with a small increase in the maximum dosage. Seizures occur when this occurs. Some patients may complain of vague headaches that are localized in the back of the head and temples. Epileptic seizures are seen in adults who suffer from narcolepsy. Dilation of the pupils - mydriasis (the medical term), may occur.

The person becomes overexcited and has difficulty controlling his or her emotions. Some people experience startling hallucinations. The person sweats profusely, and their heart rate increases. The most dangerous symptom is a sharp increase in blood pressure - if there is a history of angina or myocarditis, a fatal outcome is possible.

If the patient far exceeds the maximum dosage, tactile hallucinations appear (it seems to the person that insects are crawling on him). Blood vessels collapse, blood pressure rises to critical levels. It is possible to hemorrhage in the brain.

If a person regularly exceeds the dosage, he develops psychosis, which is accompanied by delusions of persecution and paranoid delusions of perception.

How much weight did you lose on Ritalin?

Ritalin medication helps to reduce appetite. On this background, weight decreases. On average, a person loses up to 2 kg per week. Accordingly, in a month the weight loss is about 8-10 kg. Take Ritalin for weight loss only if it is appointed by the doctor.

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